Bulletproof room project

No, Your Walls Are Not Bulletproof … But They Can Be


There are a lot of false ideas floating around about what works as cover — in other words, what sort of things will protect you from getting shot. We’ve all seen actors on television turn a table on its side and hide behind it to shoot, or duck behind a corner and see the bullets hit the wall, but not penetrate it. This has left us with a false idea of how well common items will protect us from the damage caused by flying bullets.


Your Home Isn’t Bulletproof?


In reality, there is little in a home that will stop a bullet. Appliances are often made of sheets of steel that are much too thin to stop a bullet, even a smaller caliber bullet like a .22 LR. Furniture is made of materials that don’t stand a chance against a bullet, even if it’s “heavy” furniture. Interior walls aren’t much better. Made of drywall and studs, a typical bullet can pass through several interior walls before losing enough energy to stop.

It is rumored that in the Old West they said that a .44 bullet (supposedly the most common round of the day) would pass through six inches of pine. If you think about it, that’s quite a bit. My personal testing has shown that a 9mm FMJ, which has more penetrating power than just about any round available, will just barely make it through that six inches. But to be honest, I used stacked-up pieces of plywood, which probably was harder to penetrate.


When you compare that to your home, you see that there is little chance of anything in your home coming close to stopping a pistol round, let alone a rifle round that has much more penetrating power.

Some might say, “But the brick of the home would stop bullets!” I used to think that, too. But then I stuck some bricks together and shot at them. Sadly, I found that the only bullet a typical brick will stop is a .22 LR. Everything else, from a .380 on up, busted through the brick. You see, the air holes in the brick weaken it tremendously. If it was solid, it would probably do much better.

Now, to be fair to the brick, let me say that I had stuck them together with construction adhesive and I didn’t have the weight of an entire wall. It is possible that the weight of the wall above the brick that is hit by the bullet would help hold the brick together, reducing the penetrating power of the bullet. But I wouldn’t want to bet my life on it.


Why Bulletproof Walls? 

If you’re stuck in your home and have a bad guy outside, how do you fight effectively, without getting shot? Or if you live in a neighborhood where, sadly, there may be drive-by shootings, is there a solution?

There are numerous reasons why you might need bullet resistant walls. You might be interested in an increased security at home. You might need to include bulletproof drywall to protect your business or home. You might even be interested in DIY bullet resistant panels for doomsday or end of the world scenarios.

Commercial businesses and properties in general are often at risk of attack, as targets of robbery or as a potential threat against tenants, personnel and customers.



Canarmor® together with partnering architect, designing commercial and retail properties, offer bullet-resistant panels/walls. Our bullet resistant walls are capable of mitigating harm caused by bullets from a rifle, handgun or shotgun. In addition to the bullet-resistant capabilities, Canarmor® panels also provide forced entry protection, storm resistance and blast resistance.

Thanks to innovation, blending ballistic protection into architectural millwork is viable. Today, bullet-resistant wall panels are available and easy to install. They look normal while giving us the crucial safety function we all deserve. Canarmor® Walls will keep building’s or room’s visual appeal, moreover, one can never tell that your walls are bulletproof.

Survival Room

In addition to building walls, we also offer Survival Rooms. These are the rooms where you can sleep tight, knowing that not a single bullet will enter your space. Or gain some time until police arrives.

Canarmor Walls are also soundproof, which gives you the unique opportunity to listen to loud music, scream and shout and make as much noise as you like within those walls.

The main idea is to turn one of the rooms in your house into survival room in emergency situations like attacks, storm, fire etc. Hooked-up to all communication devices, room will offer place to hide before the emergency services arrive. The room also protects from #radiation, explosions, electromagnetic waves, it is completely #soundproof, NIJ IV #bulletproof, #waterproof; can be used as #panicroom, #survivalroom, #partyroom, #secretroom, #escaperoom, #bunker, #mancave etc.


With #canarmor you can design the type of survival room you need in any sizes, we will take care of the rest. Special custom designs are also welcome.