CANARMOR™  (Canadian Armour Ltd.) has been operating since July 2010, selling our body armor to thousands of individuals and companies across the world. We have grown from a small operation selling bullet proof vests to local companies, to the worldwide leader in body armor. We now manufacture our body armor in Canada, and have multiple distribution points around the world.

We ship 1000’s of pieces of body armor each week, to clients in over 100 different countries using rapid and affordable shipping carrier which guarantees prompt and hassle free delivery.


At CANARMOR™ we focus on providing complete solutions to all of your protection needs. Being a Canadian body armor manufacturer, we offer a full range of body armor, ranging from bullet proof vests to ballistic helmets. We carry large amounts of our body armor in stock, and can easily manufacture our body armor when required. This allows us to quickly fulfill any size of order, and our highly trained machinists can also customize our body armor to meet our clients specific needs.


Our reputation for providing high quality products at the most competitive prices available has enabled us to maintain our position as the industry leader in the body armor market. Our extensive client base includes multi-national companies in many different sectors, from security to shipping, as well as individuals across the globe.

We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible, as well as offering help with every aspect of purchasing body armor We treat every order the same, no matter the size, ensuring every customer gets complete support throughout the order process. Our highly trained staff are available to provide answers to any questions on body armor that you may have, and to provide impartial advice on which body armor is suitable for your needs. We also provide in depth guides with details on all aspects of body armor, from choosing the most suitable protection levels to selecting the correct sizes.

CANARMOR™ is a long-established, experienced company with unrivaled product knowledge and market experience. We truly believe that when it comes to body armor no other company in the world can match our level of service, quality and price.

Since February 2011 we opened a retail store with showroom to give an opportunity and ability to our valued customers to choose and buy our products right from the shelve. We always carry large amounts of our body armor in stock, and we are able to do custom orders and designs upon request. We also extended out search results on the web, Canadian Armour (Canarmor) is now available at several web addresses:


We are located at:

636 Edward Avenue, Unit #1
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 0V4
(Intersection of Bayview and Elgin Mills)
Tel/Fax. +1 (905) 884-8338

Payment accepted in this location: Visa, MaterCard, AMEX, Interac (debit), Cash.

Our Hours of operation are:

Monday to Friday, from 10:00am to 6:00pm
We are CLOSED on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays

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