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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How are you able to sell body armor at such a low price?  

Other places will offer this SAME body armor for double, and sometime triple the price. We are able to offer such great prices because we are the one who manufactures them. Buying from us you are buying first hand item, without middle man.

How long will it take to receive my body armor?
After you processed checkout and paid for the item:

  1. Your request goes to manufacturing facility;

  2. We are manufacturing your item which may take up-to two weeks;

  3. After manufacturing it passes quality control which takes another day or two

  4. Then packing and shipping. You will receive updates from us by email through all this 4 step procedure.

How much does shipping cost?

We have different shipping cost for selected items, shipping costs are usually shown on page right below the purchase price.

How will you ship my item?

We usually send the shipment through Canada Post EXPEDITED mail.


What level of protection should I get?

Level IIIA will resists the majority of the bullets that one would usually face, such as 9mm and bullets from the .44 magnum. For police and civilians it is recommended this level. For the military or those in combat situations, NIJ IV would be the choice. This table shows all of the bullets that IIIA resist. More detailed  information about protection levels available HERE.

International body armour standards brochure.

What is the weight of ballistic plates?

Is your body armor tested and certified?

Each and every piece of body armor manufactured and sold by Canarmor Inc. is tested and certified. We are working with military testing facility BOSIK technologies limited where you can verify and confirm all testing for Canarmor body armors. Images of the test and certificates available at the following link:

Is it legal to own a body armor?


In Australia, it is illegal to import body armor without prior authorization from Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. It is also illegal to possess body armor without authorization in South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, ACT, Queensland  & New South Wales. In 2009 Tasmania considered passing control legislation as well.


Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec: Possession of body armor is 100% legal, there is no regulations restricting possession of any kind of body armor. All 3 provinces has passed the legislation but is not yet in force. Further, Bill C-349 in the House of Commons, proposes to create a civic regulation for wearing body armor; this bill reached First Reading but never became law, and has died on the order paper.

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Body Armour Control Act in June 2012. The Act requires anyone acquiring body armour to obtain a permit unless they are exempted (e.g., police officers). Anyone already possessing body armour was required to obtain a permit by December 15, 2012, or dispose of the body armour. After this initial six-month period, the possession of body armour without a permit became a chargeable offence. (REF. )

British Colombia

Under British Columbia’s Body Armour Control Act and Regulation, you must have a permit to possess body armour. A business that sells body armour to an individual without a permit may face a fine up to $100,000 and its controlling members could face up to six months in jail. If you possess body armour without a permit you could face a fine up to $10,000 and six months in jail. (REF:.’s%20Body%20Armour,to%20six%20months%20in%20jail. )


This Bill regulates the use of body armour and fortified vehicles in Manitoba.

A person will need a permit to possess body armour unless the person is exempted from the requirement. A person who sells body armour must have a licence, unless the seller is exempted from this requirement. (REF:.,is%20exempted%20from%20this%20requirement. )

New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and LabradorNunavut and North-West territories

Special license is required to purchase and posses a body armour.

Regulations are variable province to province, therefore Canadian Armour Ltd. is strongly suggesting, before making a purchase of any type of body armour, to call, discuss and confirm local rules and regulations with authorities.

The Netherlands

The civilian ownership of body armor is unregulated in the Netherlands and body armor in various ballistic grades is sold by a range of different vendors, mainly aimed at providing to security guards and VIP’s. The use of body armor while committing a crime is not an additional offense in itself, but may be interpreted as so under different laws such as resisting arrest.

United States

United States law restricts possession of body armor for convicted violent felons. Many U.S. states also have penalties for possession or use of body armor by felons. In other states, such as Kentucky, possession is not prohibited, but probation or parole is denied to a person convicted of committing certain violent crimes while wearing body armor and carrying a deadly weapon. Additionally, some states outlaw the wearing of body armor while committing certain, usually violent, crimes.


In Italy, the purchase, ownership and wear of ballistic vests and body armor is not subject to any restriction, except for those ballistic protections that are developed under strict military specifications and/or for main military usage, thus considered by the law as “armament materials” and forbidden to civilians. Furthermore, a number of laws and court rulings during the years have rehearsed the concept of a ballistic vest being mandatory to wear for those individuals who work in the private security sector.


In France, there are absolutely no legal restrictions on the purchase and ownership of body armour.

United Kingdom

In United Kingdom (UK), there are currently no legal restrictions on the purchase and ownership of body armour.

European Union

In European Union port and sale of ballistic vests and body armor are allowed in Europe, except protections that are developed under strict military specifications and/or for main military usage, shield above the level of protection NIJ 4, thus considered by the law as “armament materials” and forbidden to civilians. There are many shops in Europe that sell ballistic vests and body armor used or new.

Do i need a special license to buy a body armor from your website?

Here in Ontario we are free to buy and sell body armors without a special license. When you buy from us, we will not be asking you for any special license, however we do require you to provide us with 2 pieces of Identification to comply with local rules and regulations, and to provide you with the best warranty service. We strongly encourage you to check with local rules and regulations of your State, Province or Country before you place an order. Your order will be shipped promptly, but to possess it, you must comply with your local rules and regulations, therefore it is always good to check with your local authorities before making a purchase.

How to select the right size?

Many people are not sure about how to choose the correct size of body armor for themselves. A normal bullet proof vest is designed to protect just the wearers vital organs from attack, not actually their complete torso. As such a bullet proof vest should normally hang to around your navel area, not down to your groin. Often people are surprised when they first try a piece of body armor on, as they expect them to be a lot longer than they are. The image below shows the ideal fit for a bullet proof vest.

There are two main reasons for body armor only reaching the navel area. The first is mentioned above, where even at that length the wearers vital organs are all fully protected. Obviously being shot or stabbed in the lower stomach area would not be a pleasant experience, but it would also not be a life threatening one.
The second reason reason is for comfort and mobility. Modern forms of
 body armor are amazingly lightweight, and the protective panels they contain very flexible, but even so the wearer will still be aware that they have a bullet proof vest on. If a bullet proof vest is worn to the groin area it can be restrictive when you are bending over, sitting down etc. It should be noted that some people prefer the extra protection offered by a longer piece of body armor, and will chose to wear a vest that reaches to their belt line. We would recommend that people shorter than 5’5 wear a short vest, between 5’6-5’11 wear regular length vests, and those that are 6′ and taller wear longer vests. If you need a short or long vest then please request that at the time of ordering.

Body armor is available in a full range of sizes, from Small to 5XL. Below is a size guide that will help when selecting the right size of bullet proof vest for you.

The protective panels in a bullet proof vest become wider as the size increases. They are designed in the same way as regular clothing, for example a large T-Shirt would fit in the same way as a large bullet proof vest. With body armor it is better to have slightly too much protection than slightly too little, so if you are unsure about what size is most suitable, for example a medium or large, then you should select the larger size. The flexibility and ability to adjust a piece of body armor will mean you will be able to get a suitable fit even if it is slightly too large.

Some people think it is essential for them to get a made to measure piece of body armor, but this is simply not the case. Because of the cost involved in producing body armor, a ”custom made” bullet proof vest will generally be based around the exact measurements that are shown above, and will simply be a normal piece of body armor that fits closest to the measurements you provide.

Is your body armor comfortable?

All of our body armor are LIGHT WEIGHT and COMFORTABLE. The design used offers this body armor to fit to your body and be as comfortable as body armor can be. We have a group of engineers and designers working hard for us to provide you a quality, durability, light weight and comfort wearing.

How do bulletproof vests work?

When a handgun bullet strikes body armor, it is caught in a “web” of very strong fibers (like Kevlar). These fibers absorb and disperse the impact energy that is transmitted to the vest from the bullet, causing the bullet to deform or “mushroom”. Additional energy is absorbed by each successive layer of material in the vest, until the bullet has been stopped.

Because the fibers work together both in the individual layer and with other layers of material in the vest, a large area of the garment becomes involved in preventing the bullet from penetrating. This also helps in dissipating the forces but it can cause , “blunt trauma,” non-penetrating injuries to internal organs.

Currently, today’s modern generation of concealable body armor can provide protection in a variety of levels designed to defeat most common low– and medium-energy handgun rounds. Body armor designed to defeat rifle fire is of either semirigid or rigid construction, using hard materials like ceramics and metals. Because of its weight and bulkiness, it’s not practical for routine use by uniformed patrol officers.  Mainly these types of vests are used in tactical situations where they’re worn externally for short periods when confronted with higher level threats, usually by the military.


Is it possible to get a discount if I buy in bulk? 
Yes we do have wholesale prices. Please use the form on the “Contact Us” page for more information. 

Do you sell used body armor?
No. We only sell BRAND NEW body armor. 

Are your body armours certified?

Yes, each and every armour we produce is certified.

Do you have an NIJ certification?

NIJ term stands for National Institute of Justice and it is USA certification. Canadian National Institute of Justice does not offer body armour certification. What we provide our customers with, is the Canadian certificate matching the American NIJ standards. We simply use NIJ term because most of the customers are acquainted with those standards.

Where can I see those matching certificates?

Here is a link where you can see all the performed tests and certifications presently available: