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CANARMOR Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How are you able to sell body armour at such a low price?

Other places offer the same body armor for double or even triple the price. We can offer such great prices because we manufacture the armor ourselves. By buying from us, you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer, without any middleman.

How long will it take to receive my body armor?

After you have completed the checkout and payment process:

  1. Your order is sent to our manufacturing facility.
  2. The item is manufactured, which can take up to two weeks.
  3. It then passes quality control, taking another day or two.
  4. Finally, it is packed and shipped. You will receive email updates throughout this 4-step process.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary for different items and are usually gets calculated at checkout.

How will you ship my item?

We typically ship through Canada Post traceable mail.

What level of protection should I get?

Level IIIA armour resists most bullets commonly encountered, such as 9mm and .45 magnum rounds, and is recommended for police and civilians. For military or combat situations, NIJ IV is advised. This table shows all the bullets that IIIA resists. More detailed information about protection levels is available HERE.

What is the weight of ballistic plates?

The weight of ballistic plates varies by the level of protection and materials used. Please refer to the specific product details for exact weights.

Is your body armor tested and certified?

Yes, all body armours manufactured and sold by Canarmor are tested and certified. We collaborate with the military testing facility BOSIK Technologies Limited, where all tests for Canarmor body armors can be verified. Images and certificates of the tests are available HERE.

Legal restrictions on owning body armor vary by country and region:

  • Australia: Illegal to import or possess without authorization in certain regions.
  • Canada: please visit this page for updated article
  • Netherlands: Unregulated civilian ownership.
  • United States: Restrictions for convicted felons; varies by state.
  • Italy: No restrictions except for military-grade protections.
  • France and UK: No restrictions.
  • European Union: Regulated, with restrictions on military-grade protections.

Do I need a special license to buy body armor from your website?

In Ontario, no special license is required to buy or sell body armor. We do require two pieces of identification to comply with local rules and regulations and to provide the best warranty service. Please check your local rules and regulations before placing an order. Other provinces, please visit this page for updated article

How to select the right size?

Choosing the right size of body armour can be confusing for many. A standard bulletproof vest is specifically designed to protect vital organs rather than the entire torso, typically extending to around the navel, not down to the groin. This might surprise some first-time users who expect it to be longer. The diagram below illustrates the optimal fit for a bulletproof vest.

There are two main reasons why body armor typically reaches only to the navel. Firstly, this length ensures that all vital organs are adequately protected from potential threats. While an injury to the lower stomach isn’t desirable, it’s generally not life-threatening due to the coverage provided. Secondly, this design promotes comfort and mobility. Modern body armor is incredibly lightweight and flexible, yet wearing it may still be noticeable. Extending the vest to the groin can restrict movement during activities like bending or sitting.

It’s worth noting that some individuals prefer the added protection of a longer vest that reaches the belt line. We recommend shorter vests for those under 5’5″, regular-length vests for heights between 5’6″ and 5’11”, and longer vests for individuals 6′ and taller. If you require a short or long vest, please specify this when ordering.

Body armor is available in a range of sizes from Small to 5XL. The protective panels in bulletproof vests widen with each size increment, similar to regular clothing. When in doubt between sizes, such as medium or large, it’s advisable to opt for the larger size to ensure adequate protection. Body armor can be adjusted for a better fit, even if slightly larger than needed.

While some believe custom-made body armor is essential, it’s often unnecessary due to the standard sizes available. Custom options typically adhere closely to standard measurements and may not offer significant advantages over well-fitted off-the-shelf options

Body armor should protect your vital organs, typically reaching around your navel area for comfort and mobility. Here are size recommendations. 

Is your body armour comfortable?

Our body armour is lightweight and comfortable, designed to fit your body while offering maximum protection. Our engineers and designers ensure the highest quality, durability, and comfort.

How do bulletproof vests work?

When a bullet strikes the vest, strong fibers like Kevlar absorb and disperse the impact energy, causing the bullet to deform. This energy is absorbed by successive layers until the bullet is stopped. This process prevents penetration but can cause blunt trauma injuries. Here are couple of great informative articles.

Modern concealable body armour offers protection against a wide range of low- and medium-energy handgun rounds. For defeating rifle fire, specialized vests are constructed using hard materials such as ceramics and metals in semirigid or rigid forms. However, due to their weight and bulk, these vests are impractical for everyday use by patrol officers. Instead, they are typically reserved for tactical situations where they can be worn externally for short durations when facing higher-level threats, primarily in military contexts.

Is it possible to get a discount?

We proudly offer military discounts to all first responders, active and retired military personnel, officers, and Army members. For more information, please visit our discount program page at: First Responders Discount Program

If your purchase is in bulk, we offer a wholesale program. Please register to receive a special quote.

Do you sell used or reconditioned body armour?

No, we only sell brand new body armour.

Do you have an NIJ certification?

At this time, CANARMOR is in the process of obtaining official NIJ certification. We understand the importance of this certification, and we are actively working towards it. Currently, we offer matching certificates to comply with NATO standards, ensuring our products meet rigorous safety and performance criteria. The NIJ certification process is thorough, and due to high demand, there is a queue. We are hopeful that we will receive our NIJ certification by the end of this year. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Where can I see those certificates?

For each product we offer, the relevant certificates are uploaded HERE.


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In the event that your body armour vest or panel saves your life, we will replace it at no cost as long as an official police report of the incident is provided.

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