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Welcome to CANARMOR’s Trade-In Program – an exclusive opportunity for our valued customers! We’re thrilled to announce this innovative initiative designed to breathe new life into your protective gear.

Do you have old, damaged, or expired body armour originally purchased from CANARMOR? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our Trade-In Program. Simply send your old armour to us or bring it in for instant credit, regardless of its condition, and receive a generous 20% OFF coupon. This coupon can be redeemed towards your future orders or in-store purchases, providing you with significant savings while upgrading your protection.

Our dedicated recycling team at CANARMOR is committed to sustainability and ensuring that your old gear is responsibly repurposed. With this program, you not only get to refresh your protective equipment but also contribute to a greener, more environmentally friendly future.

Participating in our Trade-In Program is simple – just send your old armour to our CANARMOR address to receive your promo code, or bring it in for instant credit.

Join us in embracing this unique opportunity to enhance your safety while making a positive impact on the environment. Visit us today to participate in the CANARMOR Trade-In Program and experience the benefits firsthand.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to safety with CANARMOR.


Please send to:

Canadian Armour Ltd.

Att: Trade-in program
636 Edward Avenue, Unit #1
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 0V4

Please ensure to provide your complete contact information, including your email address where we can send your coupon.