Counterfeit ALERT

Notice to our Esteemed Customers!

It has come to our attention that counterfeit CANARMOR products are being sold on numerous websites, shipping to regions regions including China, Columbia and Spain. Some companies or individuals have replicated a number of our ballistic plates, vests and helmets, placing the CANARMOR logo onto them and selling them off to be genuine Canadian made products.

The first report of counterfeit sales was brought to our attention through a YouTube video – Wish, here is a video for your attention:

Our investigative team dug into the origin of the video, eventually coming to the conclusion that these counterfeit companies that are manufacturing these plates are located in Nanchang, China, and shipping them off to the formerly listed countries.

A specific instance of this is ‘IBERICAN,’ a Spanish reseller of the products. Unlike some resellers, they took the extra step to modify our logo into a bull, and directly translating our slogan to Spanish.

Through researching these individuals, we have been able to find their location, phone number and email address, along with locating the distributors which they have sold their products through. Upon confrontation, they have removed their website (, however amount of damage that they have caused is innumerable. A group of specialized lawyers and investigators are already working on this case.



We are taking measures to prevent these situations to repeating themselves. Currently, a solution of ours is to create a CANARMOR labeled hologram to differentiate our products from counterfeits. More solutions will be researched and implemented in the near future.

If you came across with any replicated CANARMOR products, please report them to  

If you are unsure about whether your CANARMOR branded products are fake or real, feel free to email a photograph of the armour and its inner label to , and one of our trained agents will get back to you.