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Unrestricted Provinces are Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia

You may possess body armour without a permit if you hold a valid firearms licence issued under the Firearms Act (Canada). Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec: Possession of body armor is 100% legal, there is no regulations restricting possession of any kind of body armor


Body Armour Control Act in June 2012. The Act requires anyone acquiring body armour to obtain a permit unless they are exempted (e.g., police officers). Anyone already possessing body armour was required to obtain a permit by December 15, 2012, or dispose of the body armour. After this initial six-month period, the possession of body armour without a permit became a chargeable offence.

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British Colombia

Under British Columbia’s Body Armour Control Act and Regulation, you must have a permit to possess body armour. A business that sells body armour to an individual without a permit may face a fine up to $100,000 and its controlling members could face up to six months in jail. If you possess body armour without a permit you could face a fine up to $10,000 and six months in jail. (REF:.’s%20Body%20Armour,to%20six%20months%20in%20jail. )


This Bill regulates the use of body armour and fortified vehicles in Manitoba.

A person will need a permit to possess body armour unless the person is exempted from the requirement. A person who sells body armour must have a licence, unless the seller is exempted from this requirement. (REF:.,is%20exempted%20from%20this%20requirement. )

New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut and North-West territories

Special license is required to purchase and posses a body armour.

Regulations are variable province to province, therefore Canadian Armour Ltd. is strongly suggesting, before making a purchase of any type of body armour, to call, discuss and confirm local rules and regulations with authorities.